Dolly Parton Soundalike – Paula Randell (UK)

Dolly Parton Soundalike – Paula Randell (UK)

Introducing the world number one Dolly Parton tribute act. Paula Randell is as close to the real Dolly as can possibly be. From her mannerisms, her vocal ability all the way to her aura. She wears Dolly’s exact replicas on stage, as she gives her heart and soul into every song.

One of the most authentic tribute acts there are, filled with Dolly’s fiery wit and incredible vocal range. She consistently leaves audiences stunned and entertained. She is an endearing entertainer and is suitable to enjoy by all ages. Paula’s admiration for her idol is intense and longstanding and this is not a tribute performance to miss.

9 to 5 • here you come again • dumb blonde • islands in the stream • jolene • why’d you come in here looking like that • islands in the stream • I will always love you • coat of many colours • rockin’ years • love is like a butterfly • old flames • two doors down + many more!

For more information please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Paula has worked with international corporate companies such as Sainsbury, Affinion International, and at a multitude of festivals including the Peugeot Country Music Awards, Dunstable Summer of Music Festival, VW festival and at regular Pride events. She has worked at The DeVere Orchard Hotel and The East Midlands Conference Centre, at countless private parties and corporate events.





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