Cher Soundalike – Tania Alboni (UK)

Tribute Artists can be a mixed bag, but not here at Soundalikes. Tania Alboni is the current holder of ‘The National Tribute Music Award’ for ‘The Official Number One Cher Tribute’.  She has been performing as the legendary singer since 1997 and still stuns audiences today. It is no wonder that Tania’s performance is so undeniably Cher, as every move has been carefully admired and studied. Tania has an uncanny resemblance in look, movement, gesture and vocal ability.

Despite the fact that Tania is 32 years younger, her mannerisms and elegance have never ceased to stun audiences. She has undoubtedly given all of her audiences exactly what they would expect from a Cher Tribute Performance.

Tania also has a mind-blowing Amy Winehouse tribute performance.


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  • Selfridges
  • Harley Davidson
  • Gay Pride
  • World Aids Day
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