Young Elvis Presley Soundalike – Lee Jackson (UK)

Young Elvis Presley Soundalike – Lee Jackson (UK)

Lee Jackson offers a 1 x 60 mins show or 2 x 45 mins sets. Also available with live band – please call for availability and prices.

The show performed is up to an hour and a half in length, starting from the early sun record days, up to the highlights of Elvis’ career, including the famous ’68 Comeback’ show. Lee has a replica black leather suit to make it even more authentic.

Lee Jackson can play all of Elvis’s hits

Lee is not your typical Elvis Presley Soundalike.

He is young, he has the looks and the eyes, he wears the clothes, he sings, plays the same 1950s guitar and of course carries the same charm and can even take you back in time – Lee Jackson is the perfect Elvis Presley Tribute.

Lee is the closest thing you will ever find to the King of Rock and Roll. Radio Times nominated him to receive an award on behalf of Elvis due to his unmistakeable talent and resemblance. Lee Jackson is committed, devoted and passionate to give Elvis fans all over the world what they would expect. Never doubt Lee’s natural skill to remain

in character at all times with his natural black locks and aura. His authenticity is prevalent throughout his entire performance, his outfits are actual replicas of the King himself.

Lee has appeared on:

Never Mind the buzzcocks
The Elvis special on the Weakest Link
BBC Children in Need
BBC Inside out
Celebrity Scissor Hands
Sky News
BBC News
ITV News. Lee has also been used for TV reconstructions of Elvis’ Footsteps.


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